How to leverage links: A Guide for the Greater Good

Let’s face it, when it comes to SEO, link building should really be on the sexier side of things. Linking from one site to another is a signal of trust, it says: “Hey, Google! I rate this site, I think it’s relevant, this site has my trust.”

Now, as we all know, trust is not a thing that can be bought, it needs to be earned and this is something that’s crucial to understand in the modern SEO landscape. When it comes to link acquisition, simply buying up a spammy links package or a bunch of low cost links might have some small benefit to your site’s rankings in the short term. However, this short-term gain is very likely to lead to long-term pain. Post Penguin, old-style link building just isn’t a future proof option.

How to p-p-p-pick up after Penguin: Your guide to penalty recovery

Many people contact us when they have experienced a significant drop in website traffic and over the last few years we’ve gained substantial insight into Penguin penalization and the path to Penguin recovery. Often clients come to us after several months of failing to resolve issues in-house and are very disheartened by their lack of progress, and we’re especially pleased we are able to help in these instances. Today, we share the process that will help you p-p-p-ick up after Penguin!