Livin’ La Vida Local: Why Local SEO is taking centre stage

While business owners and SEOs brace themselves for what some in the industry have termed Mobilegeddon, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce a related search issue; Local SEO. Google wants website owners to have mobile-friendly sites because more people are using mobiles to search. In fact, according to Comscore, mobile overtook desktop as the major digital platform last summer.

17 Fun Things to do in Bournemouth & Poole


High Impact is proud to be based in Bournemouth, Dorset, which is why we wanted to share our Top 17 stunning places to visit and fun things to do.

Two bustling towns nestling side by side on the beautiful Dorset coast. Both steeped in a wealth of history with different stories to tell and personalities to share. Bournemouth and Poole have been welcoming visitors for hundreds of years to experience the diverse yet complementary combination of award-winning beaches, stunning countryside, fantastic family-orientated attractions and exhilarating leisure facilities.

How do I get my site ranking in 2015?


And so we come to the close of another tumultuous year in the land of search. There have been notable ups – the growth of content marketing and semantic search, the divergence of PR and SEO, a flutter of local fluctuations and a firm and persistent focus on mobile friendly-ness, to name but a few. And then there have been some significant downs, including some rather serious dives in rankings experienced by even the big-name sites, thanks to an algorithm update or two (well, around 14 significant ones, actually).


An introductory guide to Google Penalties and how to recover

Identification and recovery planning


One of the most stress-inducing aspects of operating in an arena awash with penalties, algorithms and related updates is knowing if and when something is wrong with your site or SEO strategy and what you should do to fix it. Here at High Impact, we are Google penalty recovery specialists. We’ve worked with businesses across sectors to help them identify if they’ve been impacted by a Google penalty and then successfully planned a recovery route for
their site.

Why managing your link profile is a lot like growing a fruit tree

We can sometimes get carried away with analogies in the world of SEO, so forgive us if we’ve gotten a bit too fruity with this one. Today we’re talking about links and specifically, how to best manage your links profile and whether you need links research tools to do this. We’re not going to be looking at how to grow your links, that’s for another day, instead we’ll be examining how to best cultivate and prune to enhance your site’s performance.