How to p-p-p-pick up after Penguin: Your guide to penalty recovery

Many people contact us when they have experienced a significant drop in website traffic and over the last few years we’ve gained substantial insight into Penguin penalization and the path to Penguin recovery. Often clients come to us after several months of failing to resolve issues in-house and are very disheartened by their lack of progress, and we’re especially pleased we are able to help in these instances. Today, we share the process that will help you p-p-p-ick up after Penguin!

The Top 10 Tips To Get Your Infographic Shared

Top 10 tips for getting your infographic shared

There’s no great mystery as to how to get your infographic to go viral; it’s about excellent planning, comprehensive strategising and adding these elements to a fantastic looking infographic.

Infographics are used across the internet as a powerful tool for marketing; there are a number of platforms and applications which can be used to help go that extra mile.

A Guide to Content Marketing

Marketing is changing and it’s changing because of the way we take in and process information and how we choose to view and use messages directed at us. In the past, we sat and watched the adverts between television programmes, read the adverts for beauty products in a magazine and believed the claims and clicked on flashing buttons and banners on a website which promised amazing deals. We now skip past the adverts on the TV with our remote control, take the Photoshopped skin enhancing results of a new moisturiser with a pinch of salt and don’t click on links due to a mixture of awareness of it possibly containing a virus, along with the fact we have outgrown the need to be told to ‘click here’. Consumers want to be treated as intelligent individuals and to be able to make decisions through the gathering of their own opinions about a company before making a purchase rather than being told what to do.

What is ethical SEO and why is it SO important?

As the choices among SEO companies become more prolific it becomes more important to understand the difference between ethical forms of SEO and those which may be less ethical.

ethical seoEthical SEO utilises methods which optimise web sites for visitors rather than for search engines. This is the primary difference between ethical and unethical forms of SEO. Unethical forms of SEO, which are also commonly referred to as black hat SEO, may include various tactics such as:

• Breaking regulations and rules of specific search engines
• Creating a user experience that is poor
• Presenting content in an unethical manner, such as through a non-standard manner for the specific purpose of searching for users or search engine spiders