Long live keyword research, the backbone of SEO

Recently we’ve been reading a lot about the decline of keyword research, which in the aftermath of ‘not provided’ and Hummingbird fluttering its semantic-shaped wings, has seen itself muttered about as something on the out. Here at High Impact we strongly believe keyword research is still a fundamental for search success, so we’ve gathered a few thoughts together to explain why we think keyword research is very much not only alive and well but potentially worthwhile you revisiting with fresh eyes.

We’re all about the blog, about the blog, no ‘filler’!

We’re often asked what is meant by the phrase ‘content marketing’ and when we are, it’s usually by businesses that want to take their first steps in this field. It’s surprising then that sites that already have blogs occasionally fail to recognise blogging is one of the original forms of online content marketing and as such, provides businesses with a great opportunity to align the interests of their audience and some of their marketing objectives. If you’re thinking about starting a business blog, you’ll be pleased to know the format is equally as accessible to businesses large and small – all you need is a little hard graft and a some carefully curated content.

Are infographics the right marketing tool for your business?

The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we consume information. We head online or reach for our smartphones to find news and facts and we expect to be able to digest things quickly and easily when we do. With this in mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that the word “infographic” now returns about 59,700,000 results on Google.

Livin’ La Vida Local: Why Local SEO is taking centre stage

While business owners and SEOs brace themselves for what some in the industry have termed Mobilegeddon, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce a related search issue; Local SEO. Google wants website owners to have mobile-friendly sites because more people are using mobiles to search. In fact, according to Comscore, mobile overtook desktop as the major digital platform last summer.