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High Impact Google Penalty Recovery Services.



As one of the few companies that truly specialise in Google Penalty removal and having a 100% success rate, we have been privileged to work with clients from all over the World. We pride ourselves on being excellent communicators.

We’re not a faceless business and enjoy communicating with our clients, whether this is face to face, by phone, e-mail or video conferencing. Let us know how you prefer to connect and let’s get in touch.

If you’ve you been hit by a Google SEO penalty or experienced a drop in traffic without knowing why, we can help. The High Impact team are Google penalty recovery specialists, and we’re proud of our 100% success rate. We are good at what we do because we take the time and effort to do it properly, ensuring our work has maximum impact and improves your search performance.

How do you know if you’ve got a Google SEO penalty?

Sometimes Google will get in touch to let you know that you’ve breached the Webmaster Guidelines or you might find that they’ve updated the ‘Manual Actions’ page in your Google Webmaster Tools account. If you’ve not received any communication from Google but have experienced a serious drop in traffic, we can help you uncover and resolve issues that are impacting your site. Our SEO experts will establish whether a manual Google penalty is in place, why it has been imposed and most importantly, how to get it revoked.

How do you recover from a Google unnatural link penalty?

We know that when you’ve put a lot of work into developing your online presence, being subject to a Google penalty can be very disheartening; particularly when you’ve taken actions you thought would benefit your website’s performance. Getting a Google manual SEO link penalty removed does take several weeks but the sooner we start the process, the quicker you will move towards rankings recovery.

Our specialist unnatural SEO penalty recovery service includes:

• A FREE initial consultation
• Manual link audit by UK experts
• Detailed reports produced for client and Google
• Link audit findings consultation with client
• Unnatural links removal starts
• Google Disavowal management if required
• Inbound link monitoring during project
• Reconsideration requests managed
• Google Penalty Recovery!


What if I don’t have an unnatural link penalty?

Many business owners only discover they are subject to Google Panda or Penguin penalization when they see a sudden and dramatic loss of traffic to their site, or worse still, drop out of the search results altogether. The latter often indicates that a site has suffered algorithmic devaluation, which requires action. To be certain of the cause, it’s important to rule out any technical problems with an SEO Audit before you launch a recovery campaign.

Our in-depth Technical SEO audits uncover opportunities as well as issues. Instead of pushing data through automated software, we work manually through the technical aspects impacting your site. We take the time to get to know you – the experts in your industry – and together we identify opportunities for improvement and development.

Reversing unnatural link acquisition penalties.

One of the most common manual Google penalties imposed is for unnatural link acquisition. We don’t rely on link detox software to identify links that are harming your website. Instead, our SEO experts manually examine your link profile and analyse each link to ascertain what benefit or harm it is providing for your website. This way, we ensure that a links audit doesn’t remove helpful links as well as those that are hindering your progress.

To create as full a link profile as possible we use a number of paid and free link analysis tools and then examine each link individually to determine whether it is acting for your site’s benefit. Organising the data in a clear way makes Google’s decision-making process easier and we’ve successfully had penalties removed where in-house teams have failed.

Need help tackling a Google link penalty?

As a third party, we are able to objectively view the impact of a link considering whether it is providing the most benefit it can to your site or whether it is hindering your progress. If you’d like to access the analytical skills of our experts, get in touch with High Impact today. Once we’ve got you back on track we’ll be happy to provide you with tips and advice to stay Google-friendly in the future.