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What options are available to you if you don’t want to build your own site?

Do you need a new website or is your current website underperforming or just looking messy and embarrassing? Whatever the case there are a couple of options open to you if you want someone to build a website for you. You could work with a professional team of experts like us, you could search for an independent Webmaster or you could work with Sitesell Services. All of these options are open to you, but we obviously think that the best option is to contact us first.

But is this service something new? Not really. For many years Sitesell had a SBI Certified Webmaster program and listed a directory on their website of SBI Certified Webmasters. Although all Certified Webmasters had to meet a minimum standard, as you would expect, different Webmasters had different levels of competence and specialisations.

If you need help or want someone to build a Site Build It website for you then what is the best way to achieve this?

Because Sitesell have removed the Directory of SBI Certified Webmasters and replaced it with their Sitesell Services offering, your choices are now limited. Before you were free to contact as many SBI Certified Webmasters as you wanted and they made this easy for you. You could select the most appropriate Webmaster for you to work with yourself based on your individual needs.

Perhaps, you wanted to work with a Webmaster from your own country, or perhaps the SEO, marketing skills and creativity that the Webmaster demonstrated through their previous work was the most important thing to you. One of the great things about the Certified SBI Webmaster Directory was the fact that you could quickly and easily view a list of websites that a Webmaster had completed so that you could decide if you liked their design style, work ethic and propose price.

One of the great things about the directory was that you could contact as many webmasters as you wanted and ask them all to bid on you project, which obviously help you get the most from your budget.

Sitesell is a company who have built their business around their hosting and software solution. Like every big business they need to identify new ways to grow, especially their turnover and profitability. It looks like one way they intend to do this is by launching their new division Sitesell Services which offers to build websites for people using a group of independent outsourced “specialists” from around the World, rather than their own dedicated in-house team. However, some of the specialists are former Certified Webmasters.

But didn’t they used to have a directory of independent SBI Certified Webmasters who you could contact if you wanted a specialist to build a website for you anyway? Yes, in fact there used to be 24 Certified Webmasters listed in the Sitesell Certified Webmaster Directory, however, last week the Directory was removed, perhaps this is because Sitesell Services didn’t want the competition? Anyway the great news is that the Certified Webmasters just like us are still available to build successful on-line businesses for you!

So, who should you work with? Well obviously that is very much down to what you want to achieve and how much money you want to invest in your on-line business. We have written this article to inform you of the other options open to you and things that you should consider before you make your choice. Don’t forget, before you make your decision it is well worth your time doing a little bit of research first, or at least asking questions. To help you, we have do some for you as you will see below.

What does a Professionally Designed Web Site Cost?

According to the Sitesell Services webpage, it states that “It’s not unusual to pay a Webmaster $7,500 or more for a basic Web Site that just sits there…Most small-business sites only get traffic from offline clients who already know you (or from expensive, heavy advertising)…” This is a VERY broad statement and isn’t supported by anything factual to back it up. Perhaps it would be better if it read “some Webmasters”. We certainly charge more than $1599 to build a successful on-line business, but our clients are making money and many of them are making a good return on investment. They also suggest that some of their competitors charge up to $20,000 to build an on-line business.

The Sitesell Services website suggests that if you work with a professional Webmaster that builds a website that generates traffic, then you should expect to budget at least $7,500 if you want a success on-line business? If this is the case how could they produce professional on-line businesses for only $1599? If the formula to building a successful on-line businesses was so straight forward then wouldn’t every web design and SEO company be building sites for this price? Does everyone really have the same needs and wants, is a ‘one size fits all’ package really the answer to on-line business success? We don’t think so.

We decided to take a closer look at some of the sites that Sitesell Services show as examples to see how well they are performing according to their Alexa.com score and Google page rank. You can view the examples if you haven’t already here. One of the ways of gauging the popularity of a website is by looking at it’s Alexa score (the lower the number the better) and Pagerank (the higher the better).

Sitesell Services example sites:

Web Address: Alexa Score Page Rank
www.naturalbodypro.com 3,697,234 0
www.real-estate-career-education.com 5,267,366 0
www.masterhydroponics.com 2,747,885 0
www.helpwithdirectmarketing.com 1,210,687 0
www.eliminatingacne.com 3,462,936 0
www.metropolitan-warehousing-logistics.com 1,724,669 0

As a professional company we are not going to make direct comments or observations about anybodys work, however, we will say that the keyword choices for some of the above websites are certainly different to the keywords that we would have selected for these topics. Rather than make our opinion on this public, you can contact us to find out what we think if you are interested.

In our article Bespoke Website Design we recommend that the best way to select a Webmaster to work with is to look at their previous work to see if you like it and even to drop a couple of their past customers an e-mail, to see if they are pleased with the results.

This would be a bit of a one sided article if we did include any examples from our own web design portfolio, so please see below:

Web Address: Alexa Score Page Rank
www.life-skill-coach.com 1,554,845 3
www.five-valleys-fabrics.com 2,081,849 2
www.website-business-optimisation.com 2,938,787 3
www.tools4php.com 350,968 3
www.premature-ejaculation-selfhelp.com 786,844 0

If you are reading this page of content then you already know that we build websites that rank well within search engines like Google and drive traffic through search engine optimisation. The keyword phrase that we optimised this page for is “sitesell services” so, if you typed this phrase into a search engine and found this page then you already know that we good at Keyphrase Marketing and if you want to test our SEO skills a little bit more then why not type the words “keyphrase marketing” into Google and we should be in listed in position two and three on the first page.

There is a great deal involved in building a successful on-line business, to much in our opinion for anyone to charge $1599. We aim to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and we are always available to offer them assistance and advice.

If you are require a bespoke website design that ranks well with search engines because it has been built on a solid foundation of keyword research, SEO and has been custom designed so that you can stand out from the millions of other websites on the internet today then contact us and we will be happy to discuss your idea and help you achieve your goals.