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Do you need effective web design in Hampshire, UK?

Which custom web design company in Hampshire can best help you achieve your goals?

We have written this article to discuss some key elements that you should be considered before commissioning a web design company to build you a website.  We have also written this articles as part of our own SEO strategy to help us achieve organic listings for the counties in our immediate geographical region to help business people in the South West of England find our website.  This is an example of what we can achieve for you! 

We work with clients all over the World as you can see from some of our testimonials but we are also keen for local businesses to benefit from our free articles and services.  It is easy to communicate with clients effective across the World using free technology such as Skype or alternatively meeting face to face with local businesses.   If you are located in Hampshire and need an effective web design, SEO and Internet marketing company that delivers results then contact us. Our research tells us that there is a strong possibility that you are and that you are looking for a professional custom web design company in one of these areas then we would like to assist you. Hopefully, this is the case and we have already grabbed your attention enough for you to want to find out more. High Impact is an internet marketing and design company who can help you to be successful online. We plan, design and build websites based on keyword research which means that we build websites that will be found by people looking for your products or services on the internet!

Web Design HampshireWe have built this page specifically to help you find our website on search engines such as Google to demonstrate some of our skills. Our research findings clearly showed that many people in the county of Hampshire are searching for companies who offer web design services. Fortunately, there are a limited number of web pages aimed at fulfilling this search term and it represented a good strategic opportunity for us to dedicate resource to ranking well for this search term. We researched, wrote, designed and search engine optimised (SEO) this page so that people who type phrases like web design Hampshire into search engines will land on this page and find our website. Hopefully due to this early success, you will be inspired to search more of our website, perhaps view our case studies, testimonials or even better Contact Us to find out why we are best placed to help you develop and implement a successful online strategy.

Now that I have told you the reason why we built this page, you maybe wondering how this is going to help you achieve your online business goals?

Most people start a search today on the internet and the majority of these people including those located in Hampshire start their search using a search engine such as Google. It has been reported that up to 80% of internet searches in the U.K. start on Google. If your website is on the first page of Google, for a search term that is relevant to your market, then it can potentially generate a significant amount of new business for you. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose to work with a team who understand how to build you a website that will rank well on the major search engines and convert visitors, once they have landed on your site.

To generate new business for your company, through your website you need traffic (visitors). Not any kind of traffic will do, you need targeted traffic which is relevant to your business sector. People who are looking for your products or services.  The best and most profitable kind of traffic for your business is “free” search engine traffic generated through search engine optimisation (SEO).  This is one of the many internet marketing skills that we excel at and that you can now benefit from.

Unfortunately, many Hampshire web design companies are not SEO specialists and have almost no experience in generating oragnic search engine traffic. Although they may build you a website that looks nice it may not be built in a search engine friendly manner and the only way that you will be able to attract visitors is through paid advertising which will reduce your companies profitability.

Although, paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC) can encourage people to visit your website, it can become costly for some search terms that are important to your business. Paid advertising also requires constant management and is best set up by a professional. Also, there is a significant difference between the sales conversion rates of organic (free) searches and paid or sponsored searches. Organic searches achieve much higher click and sales conversion rates.

There are many different ways to build a website, but only a few of the professional methods availaWeb Design Hampshireble are search engine friendly. For example it is possible to be visually very creative if you build a website using Flash. You can create real “wow” factor by designing clever animations or montages that impress people that you show them to, especially in your office. However, if nobody can find your website through a search engine search then there is little point in owning that website. If for example you own taxi business in Winchester, or an Italian restaurant then you want to be at the top of the search listings when people type “taxi Winchester” or “Italian restaurant Winchester” into Google. We can achieve this for you, after all you just found us in a similar way.

If your business will benefit from a professionally designed, search engine friendly website, which will be easy for you to manage and update then contact us today so that we can help you turn your online business goals into reality.  If you need professional web design Hampshire agency then please contact us so that we can build you a website that is search engine friendly and generates targeted traffic from your potential customers!

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