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Links, links, links are the internet marketing equivalent to what “location, location, location” is in retail marketing. Good quality, natural, links that comply with Googles Webmaster guidelines are still a key part of SEO and strongly influence a websites rankings, even after Googles 2012, Penguin updates.

To avoid issues and potential Google penalties it is crucial that your link building strategy appears natural. To achieve a great link profile requires careful planning and implementation. Producing great content that people want to share is one of the future proof tactics which we use to help gain links for our clients websites.

Our focus is quality, rather than quantity. Google is no longer a link counting machine, and now focuses on the relevance and quality of the inbound links to your site!

At High Impact we have embraced these updates and continue to develop innovative tactics that help drive relevant traffic to our clients sites. Some of these tactics include:

Infographics – These are a powerful tool for creating great content and attracting people to share this content on the web. This in turn will lead to links and increase in traffic to your site, they generally account for around a 12% increase in traffic (piktochart.com). We work with some fantastic designers and writers to create the content and will track the process through out to see how it measures up.

Competitions and Giveaways – These are a fantastic way of creating brand awareness, increasing socials followers, drivinging traffic and of course attaining natural links. We use various channels to promote competitions  and build exposure including social media, email and also working with authoritative bloggers in the relevant areas.

Blogger Outreach – Bloggers are always looking for new, interesting and current topics to write about. Once we have identified the most influential bloggers in your sector, then we will start building a rapport with them if we haven’t already. We will introduce your products or services in an enticing way and work proactively with bloggers to help create compelling content. We have generated significant amounts of traffic and valuable links through this strategy.

Interviews – For clients that already have authoritative sites, a great way of building more awareness and buzz is by interviewing a key figure within your niche. For example if you are TV production company, why not interview a high profile writer? This is a great way of getting your site some attention, attracting visitors and building natural links.

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