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SEO Audit Services.

High Impact analysis

When it comes to taking the performance of your website to the next level, SEO audits are an absolutely vital tool. Whether you are new to SEO or have been managing things in-house or working with another agency, an SEO audit sets the foundations for future success.

Our in-depth SEO audits uncover opportunities as well as issues. Instead of pushing data through automated software, we work manually through the technical aspects impacting your site. We take the time to get to know you – the experts in your industry – and together we identify opportunities for improvement and development.

When do I need an SEO audit?

SEO audits can uncover useful insights at any time, and may prove particularly useful if your current SEO strategy isn’t working as expected or you are working towards a specific goal and want to ensure you have the essentials firmly in place before you invest in a larger campaign. You are likely to benefit from an SEO audit, if:

• Your site has been subject to a redesign
• You are currently building a new website
• You’ve encountered a problem with a drop in traffic or rankings

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What types of SEO audit to High impact offer?

We offer a full range of SEO audit services that give you a fuller picture when it comes to assessing your site and its potential. As well as our full technical SEO audit we provide complementary auditing services that work alongside each other or stand alone to assess your performance in particular areas or those of your competitors.

• Link audit and analysis – in-depth assessment of your backlink profile, identifying potential problems and future proofing your links strategy.

• SEO competitor audits – identifying your true online competitors, outlining where they are performing well and highlighting strategies and opportunities to help you outperform.

• Content audits – giving your content strategy direction and ensuring it supports SEO by assessing your current content output and identifying points for development.

Points of Impact

We want each and every SEO audit we conduct to result in positive changes for our clients. To help you understand the issues or areas of potential for your site, we produce a points of impact report, this details the critical points of action required to improve your site’s performance.

Once we’ve finished our analysis and formulated the report we will discuss it with you in a personal phone call, guiding you on priorities and timescales. Should your developers need advice about implementing any of the report’s recommendations, we are happy to be on hand to help.

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