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Infographic Design & Promotion Services.



How can infographics help your online profile?

Our high-quality infographics attract and hold attention. Each one is created especially for you the client, working to a specific brief in order to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to give your brand a boost in order to reach new audiences or you’d like to increase the visibility of your site with a content strategy that supports SEO, High Impact can help.

Online audiences demand content that is easy to digest and visually impressive, which is where our creative team excels. Our in-house graphic designers work closely with a content team that includes PR and journalism professionals, ensuring every infographic we create is not only expertly researched and presented in an engaging way, but also appeals to the important publications that can give your brand exposure.

Infographic promotion

We know creating great content is just the first step to infographic success, which is why we handle the full process from concept to promotion. Our content marketing team identifies the key stories and data that will intrigue and inspire whilst planning promotional campaigns that use natural news hooks to secure great online coverage.

The High Impact six step infographic design and promotion process

Our infographic process is designed to achieve high impact; it does this by marrying creativity with feasibility testing and market awareness. Every creative project we work on starts with a discussion session because it’s important to get to know you and your aims before we get going. This is how we unearth the hidden stories that make great infographics.

Step 1: Discussion

We start things off with a chat, getting a clear idea of the brief and the aims of the project. Your goal might be increasing brand awareness, generating natural links and social shares or simply providing interesting and useful content for users. To find out, we’ll likely ask a lot of questions, establishing your current online position and getting to know your brand and customer.

Step 2: Conception

Every infographic starts as an idea and our content marketing team will work on a bunch of them, choosing the strongest to carry forward to the research stage. This way only the very best concepts get turned into infographics.

Step 3: Research

Sometimes we unearth and visualise data and information from clients in ways that reveal hidden value and other times we dig deep to pull together the latest stats on a relevant topic, telling new stories in the process. The research stage is all about finding information that people find interesting and ensuring it’s timely too.

Step 4: Creation

Our graphic designers and content writers work closely together to present information in a way that appeals to the target audience – whether it is a particular sector of publications or your consumer. We recognise that your brand is important to you, which is why we seek sign-off on every infographic we produce.

Step 5: Promotion

Our outreach experts have great contacts across sectors and they are also well-versed in building relationships in new markets. Outreach incorporates a traditional PR approach as well as seeding across social media, helping to maximise impact.

Step 6: Reporting

Structured reporting is built into all of our services. It can take time to see the results of a successful infographic campaign but we report on progress regularly and consistently in a way that clearly shows the impact of the content.

Want to use infographics as part of your online marketing strategy?

Our infographic design and promotion service can be added into SEO and social media campaigns or purchased as a one-off project. To find out how an infographic could fit into your online marketing strategy, get in touch today.