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We work with businesses like yours

We like to add value where we can and many of our clients are other businesses who want to offer SEO related services but don’t have the skills or resource. Whether you’re a developer, web design agency or a PR firm, you and your clients could benefit from working with us to achieve high impact.

The benefits

• SEO services can complement and enhance the product you already sell, giving your clients more value from your relationship and visible results.

• Offering SEO services can help differentiate you from your competitors.

• You will create an additional revenue stream for your business and receive a monthly commission.

• The more services a client takes from you the stickier your relationship will become, increasing client retention.

How we work with you and the client

As a preferred partner

We are happy to manage the complete SEO service from start to finish, speaking to the client directly and working with them to achieve their goals. In return for referring us as a preferred partner, you will receive a commission for the lifetime of the contract.

As an expert colleague

If you prefer to manage the client relationship yourself, we will work as an extension of your in-house team to provide SEO services where you need them and work under a contract with you. This means you are able to add highly in-demand services to your offering with minimum risk and set your own prices for clients.

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If you’d like to discuss working with High Impact for the benefit of your business and clients, get in touch today by calling 01202 237121 to discuss which option best fits your needs.