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Internet Marketing Services

Although organic traffic achieved through search engine optimisation tends to be the most profitable in the longer term there are many effective internet marketing strategies that can help to boost your traffic levels. We offer a range of effective internet marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click (Google Adwords)

P.P.C marketing is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your website. Through the keyword research that we may have implemented for you through our SEO services we can deliver an effective PPC campaign for your company. We will select the most appropriate keywords to base adverts on. We will write compelling adverts which comply with Google guidelines. We can create dedicated landing pages on your website to help improve conversion scores and help improve sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social network websites like Twitter and Facebook have become incredibly powerful communities with millions of users. Leveraging the traffic that these sites generate to promote your own website can result in significant levels of targeted traffic.

Viral Marketing

As the name suggests, viral marketing campaigns use assets that spread around the internet like a virus. Thankfully, the effects are a great deal more positive. We can create fun video content that can be posted on You Tube and viewed by thousands of users and shared with their friends. We can design and develop an interactive game which contains your websites branding. The game can be distributed through specialist website, downloaded for free and shared with friends. The more popular the game the more traffic can be generated.

Affiliate marketing

There are many specialist companies like Affiliate Window and Commission Junction who provide merchants with some of the affiliate marketing software solutions available. We have worked with a variety of affiliate marketers and have a strong understand of how merchants can get the most out of affiliate marketing. Because affiliates generate revenue in the form of commissions from your product sales it can be a very effective marketing strategy especially for an e-commerce website.

Public Relations

An effective PR campaign can generate significant exposure for your website. This can lead to large boosts in visitor traffic and inbound links. We can help you identify news worthy opportunities, write professional press releases and distribute them to the mass media.


There are many advertising opportunities available on the internet the secret is spotting the ones that can generate a quick return on investment and help you to grow your business. We can identify effective online advertising opportunities, create compelling adverts and implement the campaign.

What can High Impact do for you?

We can help you make better use of your budgets and generate a better return on your investment. Contact us today to discuss your internet marketing requirements.