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Marketing Tactics Linkage

The aim of this page is to help you to make your website even more successful and to give you the best foundation to help improve your websites Page Rank or Link Popularity. Below are some top tips for Marketing Tactics Linkage strategies…

So what is the Page Rank for your website?

If it is relatively new then the chances are that it will be zero. However you can find out here :
Click Here to Check Your Page Rank

You may ask yourself, “why do I need a better Page Rank?” The answer is simple, the higher your Page Rank the better your website will get placed “organically” in the search engines listings for your key words.

There is no doubt that the majority of major search engines use link popularity to help them measure the importance of your website. As we all know, search engines use very powerful and clever software to crawl through the pages on our websites. These spiders crawl from link to link and store pages in their databases.

Link popularity is gained through reciprocal linking however your success is not measured purely on the number of links that you have gained. It is more important to have quality links rather than volume of links.

Therefore, to help you achieve some good quality links and start to improve the Page Rank (the scale is 0 to 10) of your website we have developed a strategy that will help you get a great head start and will have the added value of promoting your website to a wider audience.

We have compiled a list of our Top 20 search engine friendly website Directories that you can register with. Some are FREE

however the majority of them have a one off or annual fee.
Directory Address Page Rank Cost
www.yahoo.com 10 $299
Open Directory
www.dmoz.org 8 Free
Best of the Web
www.botw.org 7 $79.95
Excellent Guide Directory
www.excellentguide.com 7 $24.99
Big Web Links
www.bigweblinks.com 7 $49.90
What U Seek
www.whatuseek.com 7 $49.99
Link With Us
www.linkwith.us 6 $34.95
Joe Ant
www.joeant.com 6 $40.00
www.elib.org 6 9.99 euros
www.jayde.com 6 Free
www.incrawler.com 6 $24.95
Exact Seek
www.exactseek.com 6 Free
Alive Directory
www.alivedirectory.com 6 $34.95
Level 10s Directory
www.l10s.com 6 $29.00
Family Friendly Sites
www.familyfriendlysites.com 6 $9.95
Seven Seek
www.sevenseek.com 6 $40.00
V7N Directory
http://directory.v7n.com 6 $49.95
www.chiff.com 6 Free
www.apahcinc.org 6 $24.95
www.avivadirectory.com 5 $49.00

It’s best not to register them all on the same day, if you really want to get the best from this strategy sign up to 5 a week over a 4 week period (it also helps with the budget!)

Marketing Tactics Linkage strategy is very important and we strongly recommend that you send out a minimum of 10 e-mails a week requesting link exchanges with “relevant” websites. Contact us if you would like to find out anymore.