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If you require an effective and practical one to one search engine optimisation training course then this course is for you!

High Impact is a successful company specialising in SEO. We have been asked by many people for search engine optimisation training. Because of this we have specifically designed this SEO training course for people like you. You maybe new to SEO or have some knowledge but limited success and want to be able to optimise web site pages, getting them listed high up the rankings on search engines like Google!Search Engine Optimisation Training

There is plenty of information on the internet, e-books and videos about SEO, offering tips and advice. Some of it is constructive, however, most of it does not give you all of the information that you require. It certainly does not take you through all of the processes and answer any questions that you may have as soon as you think of them. This is where our course is very different! We will teach you and not move onto the next stage until you have got it!

Our SEO training course has been designed to allow people to be trained by one of our senior SEO specialists any where in the World. We have developed a live, one-to-one training program using the telephone or video conferencing allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own home or office. To assist with your SEO training we will also give you access to our training computer remotely so that you can see exactly what is on our computer screen and easily follow everything that we are teaching you!

Most people learn more effectively when a trainer takes them through everything they need to learn on a one-to-one basis and can answer their questions right away, showing and explaining each piece of new information or method then need to learn. Forget about books, videos or audio downloads, let us teach you “live” in the comfort of your own home or office!

Our Search Engine Optimisation Training Course Outline:

1. Search Engines and overview:
• What is a search engine and does it work?
• The difference between a search engine and a directory.

2. Keywords
• What are keywords and why are they so important?
• How to identify profitable and competitive keywords.
• Keyword Analysis
• Testing keywords
• Domain names and URL extensions

3: Optimisation
• The key elements of your web page.
• Site navigation and categories.
• Content
• Html, PHP and ASP
• Site Structure
• W3C
• Duplicate content
• Site Map

4: Submitting your web site to search engines.

5: Linking
• What are links and why are they important?
• Google page rank
• Inbound links
• Out bound links
• Internal links
• Linking strategies

6: Website Analytics
• Tracking visitors
• Analysing traffic
• Improving conversion rates