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High Impact Case Studies

Compare Bookies

Compare Bookies

The owner of Compare Bookies had previously built his own site using a third party software solution which didn’t look professional or deliver positive results. 

There were many important technical elements that needed to be included in the new site. It needed a strong new design and logo that gave visitors a corporate feel.  Compare Bookies is a responsible betting comparison website that helps people who like to gamble online to find the best odds and free bets currently available.  The site has live feeds and specialist software such as “Odds Matcher” which allows users to to find all of the odds from bookies available on Football matches within the next 72 hours.  The site also includes a betting calculator, reviews, video and i-frames.  Compare Bookies is built on a content management system with custom software development to allow the comparison elements within the website.   The owner can now easily manage his new website and benefit from more positive results.


Calcutta Hope

Calcutta HopeCalcutta Hope do a significant amout of good work for the street child of Calcutta. Their previous website was built in flat Html and could only be administered by one technical person.  Now that it has been built on a content management system (CMS) even none technical people are able to contribute and update the web site pages.  After designing a new logo we created a completely new look and feel for the website that was much more contemporary and easier to navigate. Increasing the amount of donations made online was one of the key goals for the new website and we have addressed this through the new design and by linking the site up with Just Giving to increase the exposure of the charity to people who actively want to raise money for good causes.  The results have already been positive.


Chef Help

Garon had previously built a website himself using some software provided by his hosting company. Unfortunately, this solution was not search engine friendly and because he has limited design skills the site did not look professional.  The site was also getting virtually no visitors.  Our brief was to design Garon a professional looking website and to find the keywords that people would use to find a website like his. He also wanted us get his website on the first page of Google for these keywords using search engine optimisation (SEO).  We built the new site on a content management system (CMS) so that Garon can easily update content himself in the future.

Soon after the new site was launched Garon quickly started to receive calls. This resulted in new business for him providing a quick return on his investment. The feedback about the look and feel of his site has been positive.  Most importantly, he is now on the first page of Google for the terms that generate him new business like, relief chef dorset, temp chef Bournemouth, freelance chef Bournemouthagency chef Dorset with most of these terms being in the prized first place!   He is also receiving enquiries from none geographical search terms including relief chef and temp chef which he also appears on the first page of Google and Yahoo for.

Garon is very pleased with the results from his new site.


Total Driveway Services

Total Driveway Services

Jeremy approached High Impact because  he was frustrated by the lack of business that Total Driveway Services was generating through their website.

Their previous website was difficult to navigate, looked dated and was not effectively search engine optimised.  Following our initial research and planning we proposed a new positive way forward for TDS.  The new site was launched in the middle of February and the initial feedback from their customers has been very positive.  The early search engine optimisation signs are very positive with the company appearing on the first page of Google for the term driveway contractors which is a key phrase in their industry.


Wooden Floors – Corporate and custom interactive tool

Woodenfloors.uk.com have two retail stores located in London. Their previous website was underperforming and not generating new business.  Woodenfloors.uk.com contacted High Impact because they wanted a new website that would generate relevant visitors through targeted organic listings on search engines. They also wanted a design that look modern and professional, which would encourage customers to interact with the site and contact the stores for further information, giving them the opportunity to make a sale.

They also needed the site to be built on a content management software (CMS) so that they would be able to update or add new images, text or pages themselves.  The new design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and bespoke interactive room planner delivered the results that they had hoped for.  Read their comments about their new site in our testimonials page. 



Unique Hypnosis – e-commerce and Blog

Simon wanted to sell professionally recorded self hypnosis CD’s and MP3 downloads through a dedicated website to people across the World, with his main target markets being the UK and USA. He wanted a professional looking, easy to navigate and manage, search engine friendly e-commerce website.

Because of these requirements and the small inventory of products, we built this site on the WordPress content management system using a custom set up. This was advantageous because it is a powerful open source platform that we specialise in using.

Following keyword research and planning, we designed logo ideas, plus the proposed look and feel of the website. Our specialist copy writers wrote all of the content for the site based on the keyword research, the target audience and website blue print. Following the development of the site we search engine optimised all of the core pages and put a strategy in place to continue improving the sites page rankings.
We also added a Blog element to the Unique Hypnosis to allow Simon to easily add new content to the site himself. He also took advantage of our SEO training course so that he could benefit from more search engine traffic in the future with the content he adds himself.

The site was launched using a PPC advertising campaign to allow the search engines time to index the pages.  The testing of the site has proved very encouraging with high sales conversion rates.


Life Skill Coach – Site Build It (SBI)

Rebecca had previously built her own website using a DIY software and hosting solution.  Although after many months it allowed her to place a website on the internet, because she isn’t a designer it did not look exactly how she wanted. The DIY package did not teach her how to search engine optimised her site effectively and because of this she achieved virtually no organic visitors and generated no new clients.

As a qualified professional Rebecca wanted her site to reflect this and for people who could benefit from her services to find her through the Life Skill Coach website. We created a new logo, website layout and design. We built the new website on a content management system (CMS) so that Rebecca could easily update content herself and updated her sitemap automatically informing search engines when she added new pages.

Following detailed keyword research we identified beneficial keywords which we later used to search engine optimise her website pages.  Rebecca now owns a professional and easy to manage website that delivers positive results.

Read their comments about their new site in our testimonials page.