How to Select an SEO Company

There are thousands of companies who are offering “SEO” services. Many are freelancers who offer website design and SEO (with link building outsourced to India or the Philippines) and whilst there are those who are experts in their field, there are also thousands of “companies” with very little experience and knowledge that will try to lock clients into contracts which prove to have very little benefit.

A Guide to Content Marketing

Marketing is changing and it’s changing because of the way we take in and process information and how we choose to view and use messages directed at us. In the past, we sat and watched the adverts between television programmes, read the adverts for beauty products in a magazine and believed the claims and clicked on flashing buttons and banners on a website which promised amazing deals. We now skip past the adverts on the TV with our remote control, take the Photoshopped skin enhancing results of a new moisturiser with a pinch of salt and don’t click on links due to a mixture of awareness of it possibly containing a virus, along with the fact we have outgrown the need to be told to ‘click here’. Consumers want to be treated as intelligent individuals and to be able to make decisions through the gathering of their own opinions about a company before making a purchase rather than being told what to do.