How can social media marketing help me win more customers?

First things first, social media isn’t a platform for shameless self-promotion, whichever network you choose. Winning customers online is not about shouting loudly to anyone who’s near.  That said, using social media to support your marketing goals and to connect you with new and existing customers is a good idea and that’s true whether your business has a website or not. If you do happen to have a website that’s great because social media works in synergy with search to help you win traffic that converts into sales and enquiries.

If you’re just getting started in social media or would like to align your social media activity more closely with your marketing goals, these are just a few of the ways social media strategy could help you win more customers…

Link l-earning: What you need to know

at-99377_640Linkbuilding has changed. We touched on this massive topic in our recent what’s out what’s in post and today we’re going to explore it in a lot more detail and hopefully share a little learning about link earning. Since the Penguin update first flapped its wings lots of linkbuilding practices that were used in the past should have taken flight. If your SEO agency is still building links on forums, networks or outright paying for links on sites that just aren’t relevant, you should query why. These easy-win linkbuilding strategies might yield a large quantity of links but they are likely to do your site far more harm than good, which brings us neatly onto the subject of earning links…


Long live keyword research, the backbone of SEO

Recently we’ve been reading a lot about the decline of keyword research, which in the aftermath of ‘not provided’ and Hummingbird fluttering its semantic-shaped wings, has seen itself muttered about as something on the out. Here at High Impact we strongly believe keyword research is still a fundamental for search success, so we’ve gathered a few thoughts together to explain why we think keyword research is very much not only alive and well but potentially worthwhile you revisiting with fresh eyes.

Are infographics the right marketing tool for your business?

The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we consume information. We head online or reach for our smartphones to find news and facts and we expect to be able to digest things quickly and easily when we do. With this in mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that the word “infographic” now returns about 59,700,000 results on Google.