How can social media marketing help me win more customers?

First things first, social media isn’t a platform for shameless self-promotion, whichever network you choose. Winning customers online is not about shouting loudly to anyone who’s near.  That said, using social media to support your marketing goals and to connect you with new and existing customers is a good idea and that’s true whether your business has a website or not. If you do happen to have a website that’s great because social media works in synergy with search to help you win traffic that converts into sales and enquiries.

If you’re just getting started in social media or would like to align your social media activity more closely with your marketing goals, these are just a few of the ways social media strategy could help you win more customers…

We’re all about the blog, about the blog, no ‘filler’!

We’re often asked what is meant by the phrase ‘content marketing’ and when we are, it’s usually by businesses that want to take their first steps in this field. It’s surprising then that sites that already have blogs occasionally fail to recognise blogging is one of the original forms of online content marketing and as such, provides businesses with a great opportunity to align the interests of their audience and some of their marketing objectives. If you’re thinking about starting a business blog, you’ll be pleased to know the format is equally as accessible to businesses large and small – all you need is a little hard graft and a some carefully curated content.