To SEO or not to SEO? We answer the question

From Panda to Penguin, Hummingbird to Pigeon, Google has launched a whole flock of algorithm updates with the aim of making the internet an easier place to explore and find things. And, as everyone starts to accept user intent is at the heart of everything Google does, some people have began questioning whether SEO is needed at all. After all, if you consider what the user wants you should be able to put together a decent online strategy, not to mention some great content for your site.

An introductory guide to Google Penalties and how to recover

Identification and recovery planning


One of the most stress-inducing aspects of operating in an arena awash with penalties, algorithms and related updates is knowing if and when something is wrong with your site or SEO strategy and what you should do to fix it. Here at High Impact, we are Google penalty recovery specialists. We’ve worked with businesses across sectors to help them identify if they’ve been impacted by a Google penalty and then successfully planned a recovery route for
their site.