What is search engine optimisation and why is it so important?

Search engine optimisation (UK spelling), also frequently referred to as SEO, is the process of making your site and the pages on your site search engine friendly so that they appear in the organic listings displayed on a search engine such as Google for a keyword or phrase that is used for a search query.

puzzleIn order to understand why search engine optimisation UK is so important, the way in which a site receives traffic must first be examined. Typically, a user types a word or phrase into their favourite search engine. Following a search of possible web sites, the search engine returns a list of results. The size of this list may vary but can certainly include tens of thousands of options. Given the short attention span of most people, web users will usually only browse through the first ten to twenty results, at most. If your site has the ill fortune of being listed as #30 or lower on the list of results, the chances of your site being visited decrease significantly. The lower your site is ranked on search engine listings, the less traffic you will typically receive. Likewise, higher search engine rankings commonly produce better traffic levels.

Good search engine optimisation UK involves three basic elements. They are content, site design, Meta tags and search engine friendly URL’s.

Content is considered to be one of the most important elements on a site. Essentially, the content is what directs search engine ranking and attracts users to the site. Judicial use of the most appropriate keywords and relevant content is a winning combination when optimising a site for search engine success. In order to receive the most benefit, content should be updated regularly and should always be unique.

Currently the best site design from a search engine perspective is usually the simplest design. Although, depending on your target market, it is important to weigh up what will make for the best user experience and find the best balance. Simply designed sites commonly feature very few graphics which can take up an excessive amount of bandwidth. In addition, they generally do not include animations which might slow the loading process of pages. Elements which frustrate low bandwidth users and slow down the loading of pages typically cause users to exit the site quickly. As a result, search engines typically do not place slow sites with such elements very high in search engine results. Well designed sites are also frequently easy to navigate and feature an up to date search engine friendly sitemap.

Meta tags and URL’s comprise the third component of successful search engine optimisation. Meta tags include the title, description and keyword. Each of these should be relevant to each page on the site and the URL should contain your main keyword.

More than three-quarters of the total amount of traffic received by the most profitable websites stems from search engines. Clearly, search engine results are not only important but can mean the difference between the success and failure of a site. When performed correctly, search engine optimisation UK can work to improve the number of qualified visitors received by a site as well as overall traffic.

When considering the importance of search engine optimisation UK and first page ranking, the amount of websites currently operating online should be taken into consideration. When the Internet was first developed and web sites first online, there were relatively few web sites in existence. Today, there are literally millions of web sites online and each one is seeking top search engine ranking.

To make matters even more complicated, new sites go online. In fact, there are thousands of new sites published online each and every day, all seeking that much sought after number one position.

Regardless of which type of site you operate, high search engine ranking is important. If you operate a site that can be classified under the ecommerce category, meaning you sell products or services online, the task of receiving high search engine rankings becomes even more important. It even allows you to establish a global presence. Even if you only sell items from an actual brick and mortar location it is still wise to optimise your site for the best search engine rankings possible because it is always best to have more demand for your products than less. When your site is ranked highly on search engines, you will be able to reach far more prospective buyers within a larger geographic area than by utilising catalogues or direct mail alone. Ultimately, this can result in higher profits and increased levels of repeat business.

Simply put, in today’s modern and technologically based world, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the opportunity to establish an online presence. Furthermore, businesses cannot afford to ignore the opportunity to be gained through the highest search engine rankings possible through ethical methods of search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation UK is an investment in the future and profitability of your web site and business. Although the perception sometimes exists that only large companies can afford to achieve a higher search engine ranking for their site, this is not the case. Due to the fact that high search engine rankings have become so important to the success of online businesses, SEO experts like High Impact specialize in providing web site owners with the best placements and rankings possible.

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